How to use DropOff Links

DropOff links are used to send information securely.  No Account or Login is required and the link, most often, resides in the requester’s email signature or on their company website. If information has been requested, you can easily send it securely by following the below steps.

IMPORTANT: The link may be named something other than the example below.

  • Click the Link, and an internet browser will launch. You will see the company name/logo and the HELP contact information.

  • Select Recipient(s)
    • The recipient’s name may or may not pre-fill. If you need to select a recipient’s name, Click the “+” sign and Select a name(s) you wish to send information.
      • If the list is long, use the Search fields for ease of use. Enter the first or last name, click ‘Search’ and ‘Select’ the name of the recipient(s).

  • If you do not see the “+” sign you will have to manually enter the email of the person you wish to send your files to. If it is correct the typed email will change to the first and last name of the person you wish to send to.

  • If the email address is entered incorrectly the below error message will appear. You will have to type the email address again until it entered correctly.

  • Complete Required Fields (Marked with a Red Asterisk * and may vary)
    • Your Email, First Name & Last Name
    • Attach File(s): Send up to 25 files per transfer.  File size limitation 3GB
      • Click “Attach File(s)” and “Browse” for the file you want to attach
      • You can send multiple files by repeating the above step and selecting the green button “Add File”.
    • Click “Send File(s)” to upload

  • Upload Complete Confirmation: When your file(s) have been successfully uploaded, you will receive a notification stating, “Upload Successful”. You are done!

IMPORTANT: Depending on the number of files being uploaded, the size of the file(s) and your internet connection, this could take a few minutes. You can follow the Upload Status with the percentage meter.

IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket or call 1-800-716-2558 ext. 202

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