Where do I find my Product Key?

You may need to locate your product key. Maybe you or one of your staff need to log into your SafeSend plugin on a new machine. You can access this from your Outlook and your Web Based Account. 

Outlook Plugin

  • Click the "More" dropdown menu in the Outlook Plugin
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select the "Settings Icon" on the top right of screen
  • Select "Account Information"


Email another user the Product Key without having to copy and paste

  • Login to www.cpaperless.com
  • Select the "Contacts" tab
  • Select the User you wish to email the Product Key
  • Click “Send License” button:  The system will email the User your firm’s Product Key


IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket or call 1-800-716-2558 ext. 202

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