Linked Cross References

The Linked Cross Reference tool allows you to quickly and easily navigate between two locations in a PDF file.

Linked Cross Reference feature incorporates two icons in the TTC Toolbar

  • Linked Cross Reference Icon: Used when moving between related items or references. For example, use cross reference markers when linking an amount on a source document to an organizer page. There are three color references available; Red, Blue, and Green
  • Refresh Cross References: The Refresh Cross References tool will ‘refresh’ and keep track of used cross references in a .PDF file. You can easily select the next available cross reference and/or delete a cross reference in a subsequent .PDF session.

IMPORTANT: When opening a document that has existing cross references ALWAYS use the “Refresh Cross Reference” icon before continuing work.


Rules when using the Linked Cross Reference Tool

IMPORTANT: Read these rules before using the Linked Cross Reference feature.

  • Set up/Page Orientation: Go through the scanned source document to make sure all pages in the .PDF file are organized the manner you want the final work papers presented.  If you place a linked cross reference and subsequently rotate the page, it will interfere with the integrity of the hyperlinked cross reference.  
  • Only Cross Reference on the same document: Linked cross references can only be used within the same .PDF file.  It is recommended that you close any other .PDF files or start a new instance of Acrobat. 
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat v 8.0 – select “Start new instance of Acrobat” on the TTC tool bar or menu to open .PDF files in separate instances.


  • If you have Adobe Acrobat v 9.0 or above – it will automatically open .PDF files in separate instances.


Linked Crossed Reference Preferences

  • You may change some of the settings tied to your Cross References by going to "TTC Settings" ("TTC Preferences" in terminal server environment)(note the icon below)

  • This will open your TTC Preferences Window and Tickmarks and Cross References tab

  • You may change the color by selecting the radio button next to the desired color

  • You may change the default size of your links by selecting an option from the "Default Size" Drop down menu (maximum of 4)

  • You may change the "Click Behavior" of your links by selecting an option from the corresponding drop down menu; Fit Page will change the zoom to allow for the full length and width of the page to be seen. Fit Width will zoom so that the entire width of the page can be seen without regard to page height (recommended for most). Fit Height will zoom so that the entire height/length of page can be seen without regard to width

  • Click "OK" for the changes to take affect

IMPORTANT: Changing the link settings will only affect the cross references you place from that moment forward. It will not change settings of already placed links.


Adding Linked Cross References

  • Locate the origination point of cross reference (i.e. first item you want to link)
  • Click the drop down arrow to select from the list of cross references

  • Your cursor will change to the icon of the selected Cross Reference
  • Click to place the first link of the Cross Reference
  • The cursor will remain the same Cross Reference until you place the end of the link in the end desired location


  • Place the corresponding (2nd) Cross Reference by left mouse click on the PDF file. Mouse cursor will turn back into the original arrow
  • Once Linked Cross Reference has been placed, click on the reference number to switch between the two locations in the PDF file that are hyperlinked
  • The status of the Cross References, once placed, will change to "Delete Cross Reference" If you would like to delete it is recommended that you do not use keyboard shortcuts and use this interface to delete instead

  • A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete
  • Select "Yes"

IMPORTANT:  Before you delete a Cross Reference (especially if you have multiple .PDF files open simultaneously), select this toolbar icon to refresh the Cross Reference list in the .PDF file you want to delete the Cross Reference from.  Otherwise you might delete a Cross Reference in a different .PDF file.

  • To cancel the placement of a cross reference on your mouse cursor, simply hit the ESC key
  • You can place cross references in a different color by selecting it from the alternative color expansion drop downs
  • Hovering your cursor over the desired color will populate the list of Cross References in that color

IMPORTANT: Once a Cross Reference is placed in a document you CANNOT move the placement with mouse cursor.  If you do, only the picture that is the Cross Reference will move, not the embedded hyperlink.  If you do not like the placement of a Cross Reference you will need to delete it and replace.


IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket

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