Portal Configuration

  • Company sub Domain: Use this to personalize your SafeSend URL with your company name. 
  • Portal Login Link: Only Use if you have clients with Portal Logins (User Names & Passwords)
    • Firm’s usually add this link to their websites
  • Company DropOff Link: Clients use to send confidential information to the firm (No Login Required)
    • Not recommended: Enable Portal Login Link on DropOff Page
    • Allow Address Book Lookup: Allow sender to choose a Recipient. (If disabled, users will have to manually enter the recipients email address)
    • Recommended: Allow Sender to Select Multiple Recipients.
    • Allows your users to use Personal DropOff links. (These links will auto fill them as the recipient when they are clicked)
    • Required Clients to include a Subject and/or Message when using the DropOff link.
    • Firms usually add the Company DropOff Link to both their Website (if applicable) and Email Signatures (see next step).
  • Default DropOff Recipient: If desired, choose a user to always display as the default recipient when the DropOff link is used by clients. 
  • Click “Apply” once completed


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