Create Additional Users

  • Login through
  • Select the “Contacts” tab
  • Click the green “Add New Contact” button
  • “Select User Group” (Firm Admin or Staff)
    • When creating Firm Admin or Staff you have the option to add them as a DropOff Recipient. check "Yes" or "No"
  • Enter “Contact Information”
  • “Create the Recipients Password”: You have 2 options
    • “Contact to Create”: the User will need to create their own Password
    • “I Will Create”: You create the password for the User. Be sure to check “Email Password On Save”
  • Click either “Save and Add Another Contact” or “Save and Close”



Once you are done creating additional Users and have selected “Save and Close”, you will be brought back to your list of Contacts.

  • Be sure all your Internal Staff Users are listed, under the “Group” column, as Firm Admin or Staff. If you accidently created a User as a Client, you will need to delete and recreate the user. 
  • Also, all Firm Admin and Staff will have a “Licensed” status of No, until they complete the installation and activation process. 



  • Check the gray box directly next to the Staff member(s) First Name. (See below)
  • You have 2 Options,
    • Select “Send License”: Sends both installation instructions and an invitation to create a password. 
    • Select “Send invite”: Sends only the invitation to create a password.



  • When you add a User to the “DropOff Recipient List”, the User will be listed as an Option under your Firm’s DropOff Link.

  • To Add a User,
    • Check the gray box, which will turn green, directly to the left of the User you wish to add.
    • Click “+/- DropOff” Button.
    • To confirm, be sure the status of the column, titled “DropOff” has changed to Yes.


IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket

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