Sent Items History Report (SIHR)

The SIHR provides Company-wide reporting, for Firm Administrators, of all SafeSend file transfers for simplified tracking and client support. Each Staff User will only see their own items. It will allow you to support client authentication issues, while retaining the security of the files sent. To launch the SHIR click the “More…” dropdown icon in your SafeSend Outlook Plugin and select “Sent Items History”.



Filter Report

The SIHR can be filtered and organized using many different fields:  Sender, Date Sent, Date Accessed, Link Status and Method of Transfer. Save any desired filters to be used in the future by clicking “Save” under the “Manage Filter” section.



Select Columns

The SIHR can be customized to contain only certain information. Click the “Select Columns” icon to choose your reporting fields and click “OK”.



Export to Excel

The SIHR report can be exported to excel for any reason.  Click the “Convert to Excel” Icon.



The “Sent Items History Report” allows you to perform following from Outlook.

  • View Date Accessed: View what date the files were accessed by the recipient(s)
  • View Authentication Information: View the authentication “Question / Answer”.
  • Resend Link: Resend any “Active” link (within your Retention Policy)
  • Send Authentication Answer: Resend the Authentication Answer (Q/A Only) to any recipient
  • Cancel a Transfer: Delete the file and deactivate the link sent to the recipient.


Additional Actions

View Date Accessed

This column will show one of two statuses.

  • Date the files were downloaded by one or more recipients
  • “N/A” = Not Accessed.


IMPORTANT: If sent to multiple recipients, click the link (date) to show individual access statuses



View Authentication Information

Right Mouse Click on any transfer and select to “View Authentication Information”. The Question & Answer used on this transfer will appear.



Resend Link to

Right Mouse Click on any “Active” transfer and select “Resend Link to” and the email address.



Send QA Authentication Answer

Right Mouse Click on any “Active” transfer and select “Send QA Authentication Answer” and the email address.



Cancel Transfer

Right Mouse Click on any “Active” transfer and select “Cancel Transfer”.



When canceling a transfer, you are removing the recipient’s access to all information and erasing the files from the server. Once a transfer is canceled the information is gone for good.



The transfer will remain in your Sent Items History Report (SIHR) with a Link Status of “Cancelled”



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