Tickmarks: Symbols, Numbers & Letters

TicTie Calculate (TTC) comes with preinstalled tickmarks that include symbols, numbers and letters. The user can place these tickmarks throughout the PDF to prepare source documents in a digital environment.

Locating the dropdown menu for Tickmarks in the TTC toolbar

  • Symbols (Alphabetical)
  • Numbers (1 – 40)
  • Letters (A – Z)

  • Color Options: in the drop down menu, you have the option to change the color of the tickmarks by expanding the arrow next to each colors name. The default is set to red; other color options are green and blue

 TTC Tickmark Default Settings

  • Select “TTC Settings” icon from the TTC tools to open the TTC Preferences window

  •  The Preferences window will open and the “Tickmarks and Cross References” tab will be selected
  • In the “Default Color Size Selection” area change defaults
  • Change default color of Symbol, Number or Letter by select the radio button next to the desired color

  • Change default size of Symbol, Number or Letter by clicking the “Default Size” drop down menu

  • Click "OK" to save changes as default


Placing Tickmarks in PDF document

  • Select desired symbol, number or letter
  • Mouse cursor will change to selected tickmark
  • Left mouse click on PDF to place tickmark

  • Mouse cursor will remain the selected tickmark until you deactivate by
  • Selecting the “Text Select” Tool

  • Or Selecting the "Hand" Tool

  • Or by Pressing the “ESC” key on keyboard
  • Symbols tickmarks will stay on select symbol until users selects a different symbol.

Resize Tickmarks

  • Select tickmark to form boundary box
  • Click and hold a corner of the boundary box
  • Drag mouse to resize

Move Tickmarks

  • Select tickmark you desire to move by left clicking it
  • Move with “Up, Down, Left or Right” arrow keys
  • Or you can (using the selctor tool) left click and drag to desired location

Deleting Tickmarks in PDF document

  • Left mouse click on the tickmark to be deleted
  • A boundary box will form.
  • Press “Delete” key on keyboard

  • Right mouse click on the tickmark to be delete
  • Select “Delete” from drop down menu


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