TicTie Calculate Digital Calculator

The TicTie Calculate (TTC) Digital Calculator is the default calculator installed within TTC.   This tool allows the user to do calculations throughout the source document as well as print digital calculator tape directly to the PDF document.

TTC Calculator Settings

  • Open “TTC Settings”

  • Select tab for “Calculator and Bookmarks”


Change Default Border Color

  • Click colored box

  • Select alternative color
  • Click “OK”


Change default Background Color

  •  Click colored box

  • Select alternative color
  • Click "OK"

  • To save changes as default and avoid seeing these options every time you paste a tape to the PDF, select the check box “Do not prompt when pasting calculator tapes and use these colors as defaults”
  • To save settings, click "OK"

TTC Digital Calculator

  • Click the “Calculator” icon in TTC tools to launch calculator

  • Use key board numbers/ten key to enter data
  • The functionality of the TTC Calculator is very similar to most hand held calculators


Additional Features of the TTC Calculator

  • Tape Name: Add a title to the printed calculator tape

  • Comment Column: allows user to add descriptions to the items being calculated

  • Add Row and Delete Row: allows user to add an item or delete an item in the calculation


Print Tape to PDF: when all data is correctly entered you can print tape to PDF document.

  • Click “Print Tape to PDF”

  • “Tape Import Options” window will open with your default calculator settings
  • You have the option to edit the Border Color, Background Color and Opacity of the tape in this dialog box by clicking on the color boxes and sliding the opacity scale.
  • To make these changes permanent select the box “Make Colors Default”

  • Click “Paste” and tape will paste to document

 IMPORTANT: You can skip these last two steps by changing the Calculator Settings in TTC Preferences (settings) as shown at the beginning of this article.


Deleting Tape

  • Right click on tape
  • Select “Delete”


Switching From TTC to MoffSoft Calculator

  • Open “TTC Settings”

  • Select the tab for “Calculator and Bookmarks”
  • Under “Calculator” select the radio button for “Other”

  • If you do not have the Moffsoft calculator downloaded to your computer click the link “Download Moffsoft FreeCalc”

  • Once downloaded, you will have to map out to your computer to create the path for the Moffsoft calculator
  • Then Click "OK"


IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket

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