Creating Custom Tickmarks

With TicTie Calculate (TTC) you have the ability to create custom tickmarks for your PDF documents by following the instruction below.

Locating Tickmark folder path on computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\cPaperless\TTC\Tickmarks


  • Go to the “C” drive

  • Locate “Program Files (x86)” folder (depending on computer this may just be “Program Files”)

  • Select “cPaperless” folder

  • Select "TTC"

  • Select “Tickmarks”


Identifying the tickmark naming convention

  • Select the subfolder in which you want to add custom tickmark. Letters, Numbers, References, SignOffs, or Symbols
  • Most custom tickmarks will be added to the “Symbols” subfolder

  • Once the subfolder is open you will notice there are six saved items for each tickmark
  • Example: the symbol for “Agrees” (i.e. the checkmarks). Has a .bmp and .pdf file for each color option. When you create a custom tickmark it will also have a .bmp and .pdf file for each color option

  • The naming convention is “Agrees_r.bmp” and “Agrees_r.pdf”
  • The name before the underscore is the name that will display in the tickmark dropdown list 


  • The letter after the underscore tells the program which color drop down they relate to (r= red, b= blue, g= green).


  • The .bmp file is the icon that displays in the toolbar dropdown menu


  • The .pdf file is the actual stamp placed on the page (Agrees_r.pdf)




Creating Custom Stamps

  • Creating BMP File
  • Design the tickmark in Microsoft Paint (or similar program)
  • Resize image to be consistent with the existing stamps

  • Once custom stamp is created select “File”>“Save As”> “BMP Picture”

  • Select a location to save the file (you can create a separate folder on your desktop to store file until you are ready to move to the TTC subfolder)

  • Create File Name and click “Save”

  • Close Microsoft Paint

IMPORTANT: If you would like a Red, Green and Blue option in your TTC drop down menus, you will need to create a separate stamp in each color in Microsoft Paint.

  • Creating PDF File
  • Open Adobe Acrobat
  • Select "Create PDF from File"

  • Select saved BMP File and click "Open"

  • Select “File”> “Save As”

  • Select location to save the file (usually the same location the BMP file is saved)
  • Create File Name and click “Save”

  • Close Adobe Acrobat


  • Adding Custom Stamp to TTC Subfolder
  • Open folder location of saved custom tickmark BMP and PDF file
  • If you have not created a separate file for each color you will need to create two copies of each file (you will have a total of 6 saved files)

  • Rename each file using the Tickmark Naming Convention in section 2 of these instructions (example below):
  1. KM Initials Blue_b.bmp
  2. KM Initials Blue_b.pdf
  3. KM Initials Green_g.bmp
  4. KM Initials Green_g.pdf
  5. KM Initials Red_r.bmp
  6. KM Initials Red_r.pdf

  • Open the TTC Tickmark Subfolder in which you are placing custom tickmarks (follow steps from section 1 of these instructions)

  • Select all custom tickmark files
  • Drag files into TTC Subfolder (or Copy and Paste)

  • If you are denied access because you are not an administrator select “Continue”

  • Custom Tickmark files will move to subfolder


  • Locating Custom Tickmarks in Adobe Acrobat
  • Once you have followed all instructions correctly your custom tickmarks will appear in the designated tickmark drop down menu. ii. For this example select “Symbols” in TTC Tools

  • In the drop down menu for each color you will find your new custom tickmark

  • Select custom tickmark to use in PDF file


IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket

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