Can the Bookmark Zoom level be changed?

Because Bookmarking create links, your view settings may change when clicking the Bookmarks you have created. This "Default Zoom Level" is managed in the "TTC Settings." Please follow the below to change this setting.

  • Go to “TTC Settings” in the Tool Set
  • Click “Calculator and Bookmarks”
  • Near the bottom you will see “Default Zoom Level"
  • Select the drop down arrow and you will be able to pick from the list of Default Zoom Levels
    • Fit Page will ensure the entire page is visible in your Acrobat window
    • Actual Size will adjust the page to the actual page size (bypasses Acrobat default)
    • Fit Width will "zoom" in to so that the entire width of the page is visible (without regard to height)
    • Fit Visible will have the page fit the visible screen
    • Inherit Zoom will keep the bookmark zoomed at the % it is at when the bookmark is created


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