Return Reporting

The SafeSend Returns Reporting feature will allow you to see what the status is of returns that have been delivered to clients. You will use Reports to download signed e-file authorizations

Expanding Reports will show you three options:

  • Delivered Returns
  • In-Use Returns
  • Signing Returns

Delivered Returns

  • Set Access
    • You can restrict access to any return. The default is firm-wide visibility for all returns. If you did not do this during the submission process, or need to edit access:
      • Check the box to the left of the Taxpayer Name
      • Click “Set Access” above
      • Move Users from box on the left to grant those users access to this return
      • Move users from box on the right to restrict access to this return

  • Change Status
    • If a Status needs to be changed manually
      • Check the box to the left of the Taxpayer Name
      • Click “Change Status” above
      • From the Drop Down, select what the Status should be
      • You cannot change the Status of an ESigned return

  • Send Reminder
    • You can send reminders for any return with a Status of either Awaiting ESign or Awaiting Upload
    • Check the box to the left of the Taxpayer Name
    • Click “Send Reminder” above

  • Export to Excel
    • You can export the entire Delivered Returns Report as an Excel spreadsheet

  • Status: Shows the status of all delivered returns
    • Uploaded: E-file Authorization has been uploaded and can now be downloaded and saved
    • Click the “Actions” drop down and select “Download Forms”

  • Awaiting Upload: This status appears when the taxpayer has chosen to manually sign and return. The options for returning to you are:
    • Uploading directly into SafeSend Returns, which allows you to Download from the Delivered Returns report
    • Mail in or Fax to the address and fax number have listed in your Delivery Options

  • Awaiting ESign: These returns do not contain uploaded documents
    • This status will appear when one or more taxpayers has not yet e-signed their e-file authorization(s)

  • ESigned: These e-file authorizations have been signed by your taxpayer(s) and are ready for download
    • To download, click the “Actions” drop down and select “Download Forms”

  • Actions Drop Down Menu – Allows for the following activities:
    • Edit Client Info
      • Taxpayer information can be changed by you after delivery but prior to ESigning
      • Click the “Actions” drop down and select “Edit Client Info”
      • Change any of the information that needs to be changed
      • If you edited an email address, once you select “Save Changes” you will be asked if you would like to have “resend the Return to the new email address”. This action will render the authentication link in the first email invalid

  • Download Forms
    • A notification email is sent to someone in your firm (as decided in Delivery Options) when a signing event occurs. If the form has been E-Signed or Uploaded, you will have access to downloading it here
    • Click the “Actions” drop down and select “Download Forms”

Please note: this action is not available from the drop down if the form has not been uploaded or completely E-Signed

    • Once selected a window will open, offering you 2 download choices
      • Download Form will download the signed e-file authorization
      • Download All will download as a zipped file
    • Once downloaded, the “Downloaded” column in the Delivered Returns report will show who in your firm downloaded the form and when

  • Client Tracking
    • You can keep track of what your clients have done with each return, including, but not limited to:
      • Access link selected
      • Downloading of documents
      • KBA Success
      • Signing events

  • Taxpayer View
    • You can view the return from your Taxpayer’s point of view, simplifying your ability to answer any questions they may have
    • Click the “Actions” drop down and select “Taxpayer View”
    • This will open up a new tab and allow you to see your taxpayer’s return
    • This view is also available prior to delivery in Delivery Options/Taxpayer Preview

  • Report A Problem
    • Should you need support assistance with a delivered return
    • Click the “Actions” drop down and select “Report a Problem”
    • Please type in what the problem is with as much detail as possible and click “Submit”

In-Use Returns

  • Multiple users are not able to work on an individual return at the same time
  • Should you need access to a return that is currently being processed by another user, you will need to select “In-Use Returns” and “Unlock” the desired return
  • This will allow you to be able to process that return

Signing Returns

  • If you have selected “Partner will sign 8879 last” in Settings/Signatures, they will receive an email notification that a document is ready for them to E-Sign
  • This is where they will go to see a list of any documents waiting for their signature
  • Click “Sign” to begin the E-Signing process

Congratulations! You have finished this return and may move to the next return for processing


IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket

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