Meanings of "Client Tracking" events


  • Document Mail Status
    • Processed: Means that an email was requested
    • Delivered: Means the email was successfully delivered to the client
    • Open: Means they opened the email and clicked the link
  • Voucher Reminder mail status: Payment voucher reminder email has been sent to client
  • Access Link selected: Means they successfully accessed the return
  • Authentication Failed: The client entered an incorrect SSN trying to access
  • Access Locked: The client entered the incorrect SSN 7 times 
  • E-file Forms Downloaded: Client Downloaded E-file forms
  • Document "(File Name)": Client downloaded document following the start of event
  • Document KBA Success: Client Successfully answered the Knowledge questions for E-Signing
  • K-1's Distributed to "(Partner name)": Client Delivered K-1 to that specific person
  • Files Uploaded "(File Name)": Client uploaded their e-file forms 
  • null: Client deleted the forms they uploaded
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