Onboarding Details

  1. Consulting Call
    • In this step we will review the SSR Policy Guide with your firm and highlight the “must do’s” for a successful rollout.
    • Determine your initial roll out process plan
    • Determine Firm-wide user settings and default messages
    • Confirm your print settings meet SSR’s requirements
  1. Power User Training / Account Configuration
    • This call will be for your Power Users, usually no more than 3 people at the firm who will know the most about the program
    • We will go over your account settings
    • All your firm-wide defaults and options will be discussed
    • We will test at least one return and send it through your newly created account
    • The Power Users will have access to sample returns and will be asked to send 10 or so each and compile questions for the next step
    • Please plan on this call taking up to 1 – 1.5 hours
  1. Staff Training
    • All potential users of SafeSend Returns should attend this call
    • This call will begin with a demonstration of the taxpayer experience
    • We will walk through at least 2 returns so that every user has a full understanding of how the program works and what options are available based on your firm’s default settings
    • This training will be recorded, and your team will have access to online support material after this call
    • All staff should become familiar with the Best Practice Guide
    • Please plan on this call taking up to 2 hours
  1. Momentum Call
    • Within a month of the Staff Training, one of our Reps will follow up with the firm admin to see how things are going and to answer any questions
    • We will also reassess your approach and goals for the upcoming tax season. This will include best practices, messaging to clients and common mistakes to avoid
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