Improve Taxpayer Tax Return experience

Improve taxpayer experience by walking them through the Review step. Currently, taxpayer is only able to navigate through the tax forms which they are frequently unfamiliar with. Explanations of Wages, AGI, TI, Total Tax, Payments, and Balance amounts on the forms would reduce calls to CPA for explanation of the amounts. The taxpayer is not a tax professional and likely is unaware of what all the forms and information means. This is something that every tax professional has made their mark on by providing the "service" of explaining what the numbers on the form mean. Having this as a feature will tackle a major hurdle in taxpayer and practitioner adoption.



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    This is a great suggestion and we certainly can see the potential of adding this into our 'Walk Me' feature available in the taxpayer experience. We will submit this information to our product team, and if we decide to implement something similar to this, it will be added to our product release notes!

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