Need changes to security on signed documents

When our clients sign, either the 8879's or anything sent through Signatures, we receive it back with security that will not allow us to put that document into our Workpapers CS system.  It requires a "password" if added to Workpapers.  The only workaround we have found is to re-pdf the document and save it, which causes a severe loss in quality of the document, but does remove the security.  It's extremely time consuming to re-pdf every signed document received via SafeSend.  DocuSign does not have this issue.  A change to the method of security is desperately needed for those of us who use WorkPapers CS.   



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    This issue was resolved by printing the document directly into WorkPapers.

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  • Hi Misti! Thank you for providing this feedback. I am going to reach out to your directly to get some more information. 

    Have a great day!

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  • I would agree with this post even though we don't use Workpapers CS.  When a client has multiple signature documents, we need to be able to combine those into a single pdf and we can't with the current security on the file.  

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