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This may be in process already but figured it didn't hurt to add here as well!

We use an office-wide drop off link and our legacy account did not require a default recipient within the office.  This required our clients to select to whom they wanted to send information.  Now with the new exchange account requiring a default user, clients are getting confused as they don't realize they can remove the default recipient and still select anyone in the office.  Could we remove the default recipient requirement?  Or give us the option to have one or not?

Also, is there a way to have the default setting for notifications of client uploads to be on instead of off?  Thanks so much!



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    Hi Elizabeth, thank you for this feedback! I can see why removing this requirement would be beneficial for firms that choose to utilize only the company drop-off link. I have submitted this to my product team to consider against our current roadmap. 

    At this time, there is no way for this setting to be defaulted on. Typically, a change like this we would make at a global level. Although, I can certainly submit a request on your behalf to consider implementing an admin setting to turn these on by default and/or initiate this across the platform. Thank you and have a great day!

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  • This feature would be SO helpful! 

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