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We're using Safesend Signatures for unsupported Returns such as 990s.  Our process is to upload one file with the signature pages, and a second file with the full copy of the tax return.  The problem is, we have to place a signature block on the copy of the return in order to process everything.  Please allow the uploading of additional files with no signature block on them.  Thanks for considering!



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    Hi Karen, thank you for providing this feedback! I think the best way for us to implement this would be by adding an Attachments section, similar to that of returns. While we don't currently have something like this on our roadmap, I am happy to bring this to our product team to consider. 

    As a workaround, for now, we may suggest combining the files into 1 PDF so they can be uploaded together and only 1 signature would be required for the entire PDF. 

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