September 17, 2021 Update Notes

Please see below for recent product updates to the SafeSend Suite™.

SafeSend Returns® 

Saved Messages 

  • Returns no longer fail to deliver due to the Message from Preparer length. 
  • Taxpayer Preview no longer fails to load due to the Message from Preparer length. 

User Access Settings 

  • Sending a return to another User via Internal Routing will automatically assign the return to the recipient and, if enabled, change Set Access to the designated user. 


  • Watermarks applied to landscape-oriented pages now display properly. 

Manual Addresses 

  • Firm addresses no longer show spaces as “%20” in their formatting. 
  • Firm addresses will now display both lines of the address when viewed by the Client. 

Stripe Enhancement

  • Payments made with the integrated Stripe product now include the client’s name and email.

SafeSend Signatures™ 

Mail Merge 

  • There is a new version of the Mail Merge program available for download. Users will be prompted to download the update when accessing.  The update includes recent fixes.
  • Mail Merge controls and text fields now keep their positions when placed in tables or after tab spaces. 

Report Filter 

  • Fixed an issue where searching via Signer Email took a long time to load results. 

SafeSend Organizers™ 

  • The Help link now directs to the SafeSend Organizers Help Center. 
  • The Errors tab is now suppressed if no errors are detected during Batch Processing. 

SafeSend Exchange™ 

  • Firefox has been optimized for loading the online portal and downloading files to match the experience of other browsers. 



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