October 2021 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

Stay apprised of the latest product news regarding the SafeSend Suite and SafeSend Returns. Please read through the product release notes below and visit our Help Center for additional information:

SafeSend Returns Release Notes

With our most recent release, the following enhancements are available:

Paper File Returns

  • Firms now have the option to process and organize returns that will be filed on paper (not e-filed) by the client.
  • When the feature is turned on, returns marked to be paper filed will appear in their own section when processing.
  • Firms have the option to create specific instructions for paper filed returns.
  • On the client side, a paper filed return will include a “Print File” section if the client can take the following actions:
    • Download
    • Print
    • Forward
  • Comprehensive tracking is available for all paper filed return actions completed by the client.
  • For more information, view the Paper File Returns article in the Help Center.

Voucher Management

  • Firms can Add or Update Vouchers/Transmittals to a delivered return in the event there is a change to the amount due.
  • Firms can upload vouchers and SafeSend will automatically recognize them as new or updated.
  • Firms can reprocess vouchers and update a delivered return with the new voucher information.
  • When voucher information is updated, taxpayers will receive a notification.
  • For more information, reference the Voucher Management article in the Help Center.

User Selected Voucher Type

  • When choosing to make payments, taxpayers can select between Tax Payments and Estimated Tax Payments.

Default Saved Message

  • A new default saved message will not overwrite current default settings.
  • If you have a custom default message set there will be no change to your saved messages. If you have not, you can view the new default saved message under Settings, Saved Messages.

K-1 Partner/Client Information Update Notifications

  • Firms only have an option to send K-1 Partner/Client Information notification emails after the client’s year end.

Grouped Returns Updates

  • On the Controller Dashboard, the taxpayer and spouse are now represented on the same line.
  • In the Upload window when users are processing returns, there is now static text that appears. The text will read “Please note: If you are delivering a 1040 tax return via Grouped Returns, you may need to confirm a completed POA is on file or signer delegation is being used to complete the e-signature step.”

Improved Signature Status

  • When some, but not all, signers have signed the e-file forms, the document status will read “Partially Signed” instead of “E-Sign” in blue font.

Initial Email Content

  • New default wording has been added in the initial email that taxpayers receive; This only affects the SafeSend default and will not overwrite any custom client instructions.

Report a Problem - Ability to Add an Attachment

  • When using the “Report a Problem” feature within SafeSend Returns, users can now add an attachment; File types allowed: jpg, .png, .pdf. 

Default Change for Returns Uploaded with an Invoice

  • When the client copy of a tax return includes an invoice prior to upload, the checkbox will no longer be checked for “Do Not Send Invoice with this Return.”

SafeSend Signatures Release Notes

With our most recent release, the following enhancements are available:

Notify on Signing Events

  • Like SafeSend Returns, firms can set a “Default Notify on Signing Events” for forms delivered via SafeSend Signatures.
  • This option is user-specific and can be edited independently of SafeSend Returns notifications.

Enhanced Signature Controls

  • Firms now have the option to add a custom checkbox as a signature control for documents.
  • Firms have the ability to make this control mandatory before a signer can complete the document.

New PDF Viewer

  • A new and improved PDF viewer is now available in SafeSend Signatures.
  • Firms should expect a more user-friendly layout in addition to performance and readability improvements.

Improved Signature Status

  • When some, but not all, signers have signed a document; the document status will read “Partially Signed” instead of “Out for Signature” in the Signature Report.

Enhanced Functionality During Signature Control Process

  • When placing signature controls with SafeSend Signatures, firms can now reset the document to its original state after controls have been set.
  • Firms can also undo actions at the page level; allowing firms to undo signature control placements.

Duplicate Emails

  • Users will now be able to use the same email address twice when sending documents for signature.

New Message Button Removed

  • Users will no longer see the New Message and Edit Buttons on the Add Recipients & Messages section.
  • Users can choose from the saved messages or select Custom Message to create a new message.
  • For more information, reference the Send for Signature article in the Help Center.

SafeSend Organizers Release Notes

With our most recent release, the following enhancements are available:

Give Spouse the Ability to Complete Organizer and Upload Documents

  • Taxpayers and spouses will both receive an email letting them know their organizer is ready for completion.
    • Signing will be done in the Deliver to First order that was selected in Delivery Options tab while processing the organizer.
  • Taxpayers and spouses can upload organizer documents simultaneously.
  • Both taxpayer and spouse can now sign off that the organizer is complete before delivering to the firm.
  • Organizer is color coded to indicate whether taxpayer or spouse filled out a given section.
  • Both taxpayer and spouse can simultaneously download the engagement letters and organizers for their records.
  • For more information, reference the SafeSend Organizers Client Experience-Step by Step Guide article in the Help Center.

Custom Organizer Questions

  • Firms now have additional functions for creating custom questions within organizers.
  • Custom questions can be set to yes/no or short answer.
  • Questions can have dynamic branching, where depending on the answer different questions will be asked.
  • Firms can make questions mandatory, so that taxpayers cannot submit the organizer with the questions unanswered.
  • For more information, reference the Custom Questions article in the Help Center.

Enhanced Document Gathering

  • Taxpayers will be able to upload documents on a specific organizer page that requires a document (e.g., Wages = W2).
    • If taxpayer uploads a form within the organizer, SafeSend Organizers will automatically categorize and re-name the form according to the organizer page it is upload too.
  • The uploaded forms will automatically be bookmarked for easy review.
  • Taxpayers can download source documents after completion.
  • Enhanced tracking when taxpayer’s upload, delete, and download source documents.

Organizer Notes for Tax Preparer

  • Within all organizer pages, there will be a section where taxpayers can write notes to the tax preparer.
  • Firms can see these notes when reviewing the returned organizers via SafeSend Organizers or when downloaded.
  • Notes to tax preparers also exist at the beginning and end of the organizer as their own unique pages.

Option to Deliver to Taxpayer or Spouse

  • Users are now able to select which person, taxpayer or spouse, should sign the tax engagement letter first (if required).
  • For more information, reference the Processing an Organizer article in the Help Center.





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