December 2021 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

We've added new features and updates to our products. Learn more about these changes in the release notes below.

SafeSend Extensions is now available

SafeSend Extensions is the newest addition to the SafeSend Suite. It lets firms digitally send their clients an extension package in minutes. Use it to:

  • Automate the delivery of extension documents for review.
  • Collect signatures (if required).
  • Provide payment options for vouchers.
  • Track clients through the extension package process.

Visit the SafeSend Extensions Help Center to read guides to get you started.

SafeSend Returns


  • For CCH Axcess and ProSystem customers, SafeSend Returns now recognizes direct deposit/debit reports and will automatically create vouchers for payments. These vouchers will be labeled "Automated Voucher" and can be reviewed and modified by the preparer.
  • Initial emails now have separate messages for E-Sign and Manual Sign. This helps clarify the type of signature required by the client when they receive a message. Firm administrators can edit these options in Settings > Client Instructions under the Initial Email section.

  • The message screen in the taxpayer view is now skipped if a preparer doesn't include a message while processing a return. This prevents a blank screen from being shown to the taxpayer.
  • When processing K-1s, SafeSend Returns now recognizes the partner type for entities. Previously, the drop-down defaulted to individual, which could result in numerous notifications being sent to the preparer.
  • A global search is now available in the Send Grouped Returns and Grouped Return Reports screens. Firms can search by group name, name, or client ID. Previously, preparers had to navigate to a specific group before they could perform those searches.

  • The bulk update actions in automated reminders have been optimized so that they run faster.
  • The Product Type drop-down has been removed in Account Management > Payment History.
  • The Additional Services section has been renamed to Product Downloads in Settings > General.
  • A new Developer Section has been added to Settings. Firms with advanced technical resources can connect to a SafeSend Returns API for downloading e-signed documents. Firms are responsible for creating their own API to connect to SafeSend Returns and must provide a destination endpoint, API Key, and other arguments necessary for delivery.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the download pop-up would not appear when using the Export to Excel button from the Quick Reports filter.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would appear when adding a return to an existing group.
  • Fixed an issue where delegated signers specified by the taxpayer could complete the signing process without filling out mandatory fields.
  • Fixed an issue in client view where an error could appear when viewing returns that had been signed by delegated signers.
  • Fixed an issue where the delivered return report for 1041s would show Company instead of Trust in the client info pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue where some access links were not being delivered.
  • Fixed an issue where a changed watermark font size was not saving.

SafeSend Organizers


  • SafeSend Organizers now supports Thomson Reuters GoSystem Tax RS, Intuit Lacerte, and Thomson Reuters UltraTax tax software. To support these new options, the following changes have been made:
    • SafeSend Organizers now honors the tax software set in SafeSend Returns > Settings > General > Tax Software.
    • The icons associated with the active tax software now appear next to the Proforma dropdown.
    • Landscape pages are now supported.
  • A mobile client view is now available for taxpayers to complete the signing process.
  • The Gather Source Document setting has been moved to SafeSend Organizers > Settings > General.

  • New organizer defaults can be set by users in the My Settings area of their profile. When creating new organizers, CPAs can specify values for the following items:
    • Default ERO/Signer
    • Default Contact Person
    • Default Sender
    • Default Notify About Signing Events
    • Default Notify About Organizer Events
    • Default Notify About Uploading Events

  • Taxpayers can now resume where they left off in the signing process prior to completion. Note that the taxpayer must click the Save and Continue Later button and log out to use this feature. Simply closing the web browser will not return them to their last screen.
  • An Additional E-Sign Documents tab is available. This lets the CPA add documents like a foreign asset form or crypto currency form to the taxpayer signing process. This tab is not currently available in the mobile client view.
  • Uploaded source documents are now linked to the proper bookmarks.
  • Taxpayers can now navigate between organizer pages using next and previous arrows.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where taxpayers might not see the last document uploaded in the Source Documents Upload screen due to their screen resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where a CPA could not remove a country code from Client Info.
  • Fixed an issue where if the country code was present but not a mobile phone number, the taxpayer would receive a mobile access code authentication page.
  • Fixed an issue where some organizers were unable to be deleted after they were delivered.
  • Fixed an issue where some text in custom questions could be cut off when previewed or shown to the taxpayer.

SafeSend Signatures


  • Tax year 2022 is now available in the Tax Year drop-down when uploading documents.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where saved Date filters and Sent By filters were not properly returning results.
  • Fixed an issue in the taxpayer view where the Sign Out button was available prior to completing authentication.
  • Fixed an issue in the Report a Problem pop-up where deleted users were not showing up in red in the Sent By drop-down. This could happen if a user reported a problem but then departed the firm and was deleted from the system.



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