January 2022 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

We've added new features and updates to our products. Learn more about these changes in the release notes below.

SafeSend Returns


  • A new firm-wide default watermark setting is available to system administrators in Settings > General. System administrators can set a default watermark or disable it. If disabled, users will not see an option for watermarks when setting delivery options. For more information, see Global watermark settings in the Help Center.
  • A new firm-wide screen share setting is available to system administrators in Settings > Security. System administrators can now enable or disable the ability to screen share for the entire firm. For more information, see the article Enabling and disabling screen sharing for users in the Help Center.
  • Grouped Returns changes:
    • Thumbnail images now show Client ID, Tax Year, and Return Types. Previously, only a generic image was shown.
    • Social Security Number (SSN) and Employer Identification Number (EINs) fields will now default to empty if not recognized in Grouped Returns uploaded by a taxpayer. Users can then correct the empty fields.
    • A Change Status button was added to the Actions drop-down menu for returns in a group. This lets users manually change the status of a grouped return for processing and review. It also allows users to manually change the signature status of returns within a group.
    • E-File forms in the Grouped Returns Report now support the global download settings in My Settings.
    • Users can now screen share with controllers. For more information, see Grouped Returns: Sharing screens with a controller in the Help Center.
  • Watermarks can now be disabled on individual pages in a tax return. For more information, see the article Disable watermarks on specific pages of a return in the Help Center.
  • Mobile view now allows the taxpayer to delegate signing. Delegates can be removed by the taxpayer or the delegate can choose to decline to sign.
  • The Delegate Signer control (if enabled) is now visible to users in Client View. Previously, it was not shown to users in Client View even if it was visible to the taxpayer.
  • New checkboxes in K-1s let users decide if shareholders/partners receive annual update emails and reminders. For more information, see Disabling K-1 partner/shareholder information update notifications in the Help Center.
  • On the Taxpayer Signing page, the authority name is now shown along with the form name in the bookmarks panel.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where going to Account Management > Usage Report and selecting the Last Month filter also showed results from the current month.
  • Fixed an issue when exporting to Excel. If the export was done via My Downloads, some columns in the spreadsheet could have been missing. Download Now worked as expected.
  • Fixed an issue when reporting a problem where the tracking ID was not displayed in the notification. This only occurred when attachments were added to problem submissions.
  • Fixed an issue where the signing reminder email would not get delivered if the frequency was set to 1 day in Delivery Options.
  • Fixed an issue where CC recipients of paper file returns would get an error when trying to download.
  • Fixed an issue in the SafeSend Returns API where the EngagementType and ClientType properties had a different data type than what was documented.
  • Fixed an issue in mobile view where the Continue button on the Taxpayer Authentication page would not appear.

SafeSend Organizers


  • A Default Download Option setting is now available in My Settings. It lets users specify a default behavior when downloading individual organizers, batch organizers, engagement letters, and source documents. Options include Download Now, Download to My Downloads, and Prompt Me Every Time. For more information, see Default download options for organizers in the Help Center. The following rules govern its behavior:
    • Engagement letters with the status Partially Signed and E-Signed can be downloaded.
    • Organizers with the status Partially Completed and Completed can be downloaded.
    • Source documents with the status Uploaded can be downloaded.
    • Attempting to download files in any other status will show an error.
    • Successfully downloaded files will get their status changed to Downloaded.
  • Organizers are now locked after 3 failed attempts at entering an access code. After 5 minutes, the taxpayer can try again or the user can unlock the organizer in the Organizers Report. When an organizer gets locked, an email is sent to the taxpayer and user. For more information, see Unlocking an organizer for a client in the Help Center.
  • Clarified the wording of action button tooltips for individual organizers in a batch.
  • Removed the Deleted tab and Move To functionality from individual organizers in a batch. Individual organizers cannot be edited within a batch.
  • Delivered organizers now have a Client View action.
  • Yes/No column headers in custom questions are now in bold.
  • Controls in Gather Documents > Upload now show the number of attachments and the ability to view them.
  • A new confirmation email is sent to taxpayers upon completion of an organizer.
  • A bookmark icon is now shown next to organizer headers in the taxpayer view. This is to emphasize that taxpayers can click on a header to be taken to that section of the organizer.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where firm logos that were not a 3:1 ration would be stretched to fit the space. This could make them appear blurry and/or distorted in organizers. Uploaded logos are now resized proportionally to fit the required space.
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain instances, a user could request an access code but that code would not be delivered. This was due to time zone differences being handled improperly, resulting in the system thinking that the access code had expired.
  • Fixed an issue where the recipient's name was not populating properly in the initial email.
  • Fixed an issue in mobile view where the welcome screen message said "tax returns are ready." It should read "tax documents are ready."
  • Fixed an issue where some batch organizers with a status of Delivery In Progress could not be deleted.
  • Fixed miscellaneous user interface issues.

SafeSend Extensions


  • The Message From the Preparer screen will now be skipped if there are no messages. Previously, taxpayers would see a blank screen.
  • Added the ability to see menu names when hovering over an icon in the left navigation bar when it is collapsed.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where dollar amounts on payment vouchers could be read incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling signature stamps would show an empty signature control in the Filing Forms tab. The user interface element should not be displayed at all when disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sign Documents option was being shown in Taxpayer Preview when the e-signature option was set to Review Only.
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking a spouse return, the initial email link was being delivered to the taxpayer instead of the spouse.
  • Fixed an issue where the signing reminder and voucher reminder links to the taxpayer were not working.
  • Fixed issues where CC recipient email links were not working.
  • Fixed an issue where voucher reminders were not being received.
  • Changed the incorrect <COMPANY NAME> variable in the initial email default message to <RECIPIENT>.
  • Fixed an issue with Firefox showing a certificate error on some mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the company logo was missing in the voucher reminder email.
  • Fixed miscellaneous user interface issues.

SafeSend Signatures/Mail Merge

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where some documents would not download when using Chrome on an iPad.
  • Fixed miscellaneous user interface issues.



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