March 28, 2022 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

An update to SafeSend products was released. See below for more information about the changes.

SafeSend Returns

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue in Grouped Returns where double-clicking on a return in the Controller Dashboard would not open it. The controller could only open the return by using the More Options (...) drop-down menu.

  • Fixed an issue where screen share functionality was intermittently not working. The pop-up to share screens in the taxpayer experience would occasionally not appear.

  • Fixed an additional issue where screen share functionality was intermittently not working. A blank screen would occasionally appear in the taxpayer experience after selecting a window to share.

  • Fixed an issue where email addresses for K-1 recipients were not carrying over from previous years.

  • Fixed an issue in saved messages where the Due Date variable was substituting an incorrect date if a federal voucher was not found in the return. When no vouchers are found, the Due Date variable will now display the federal due date for the return type.

  • Fixed an issue where changing a client's email address on a delivered return could show an error when saving instead of a prompt to send a new signing reminder and access link.

  • Fixed an issue where some New Jersey payment vouchers were duplicated in a return due to a recognition error.

  • Fixed a recognition issue with Direct Deposit Reports. Some voucher due dates and estimated payment vouchers were not correctly recognized.




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