SafeSend Returns - Taxpayer Unable to Continue - Entity Return

Update: With the release on December 9, 2022 users can now disable the "Name and Title" field by unchecking the box within the E-signature settings found within Admin Settings.

Situation: The taxpayer is stating the "Continue" button is grayed out and they are unable to continue during signing. 

Resolution: It is likely the taxpayer has not filled out the required Title box in the return. The taxpayer can use the "Start" flag at the top of the signature section to be directed to all required fields. They would then type text into the box, even if the title is already printed on the return. 

Alternatively, the return could be recalled and reprocessed. During processing, the title box can be deleted. 

Feature Update: We are planning to add a global setting to turn the title box on/off. We do not have a release date scheduled for this feature, but we are working on it.

Reference Number: 58433




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