SafeSend Returns - Form Not Recognized

Situation: Occasionally, a form or field that should be recognized by SafeSend Returns is not recognized. This could be a voucher, e-file form, overpayment/applied amount, or transmittal.

Resolution: The unrecognized page will appear in the Tax Returns tab. You can use the orange Move To button to move the page to the appropriate tab.

If the overpayment/applied amount is incorrect, you can edit the amount or add a refund in the Client Info tab. ***Please Note: Penalties, fees, and interest are not automatically recognized. If these amounts affect the overall refund amount, the overpayment/applied amounts should be edited manually. 

Report the Issue: For vouchers, e-file forms, and overpayment/applied amounts, you can Report a Problem from the action menu for that return specifically after it is delivered. This will allow the Support team to download the return and correct the issue moving forward. 

For Transmittals, please ensure the form is designated as a transmittal or filing instruction in your tax software. The bookmark name is used by the program to recognize those forms. If you require assistance with this, please reach out to your tax software provider. 




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